Professional Learning Facilitator PLF
"The National Board process helped me grow as a teacher in two ways. First, it ended up being a mirror to myself as a techer. I saw where I needed to "up my game" so to speak. Secondly, the certification process also gave me a "reset" and revitalized my teaching. It helped me move from quick fixes to thoughtful deep dives into how and why I teach" Arleen Standiford, NBCT, Carlsbad


Candidate Retreat
All the presenters were knowledgeable and provided awesome information. I always value the additional resources shared that I can add to my google drive.
Brittany McCulloch, Candidate Pecos Independent School

Maintenance of Certification MOC
I appreciate the wonderful/knowledgeable presenters. I gained knowledge of the format and organization of the MOC. I also gained reflection into th ethings I've accomplished which will allow me to finalize my PGEs.
Kristin Matison, NBCT APS

Component 1
It really helped me to take a closer look at my standards and have strategies to study the standards more effectively.
Shawnlee Caballero, Candidate Lovington Schools

Thank you to our Partners for time, money and support to advance excellence in teaching.

NM NBCT Network

70 new and 124 re-newed NBCTs
Bringing the numbers to 1513 NBCTs in New Mexico
2023/24 State differential $9,362.50.


Our mission is to promote accomplished teaching throughout New Mexico. We do this by advocating for leadership opportunities for NBCTs, promoting and educating teachers about the National Board’s body of knowledge, supporting candidates through the NBPTs certification process and celebrating when achievement is attained. By offering opportunities to all constituent groups, we aim to support and recognize all New Mexico NBCTs in all school districts in the state and at the state legislature.

The New Mexico National Board Certified Teacher Network began in 2001. A group of National Board Certified Teachers and other educational leaders met and envisioned a statewide network of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) working together to advance the work of National Boards in New Mexico.