For Prospective Candidates: Be the Best for Your Students, Do the Best for You

Financial Benefits:

NM National Board Stipend
The annual salary differential approved by the New Mexico legislature has been around $6848.12. This salary differential is over and above the teacher’s salary and counts towards retirement.

Level 3 Licensure
National Board Certification advances teachers to a Level 3 certification in New Mexico without having to do the dossier or Masters degree. 

Other Benefits:

Improves student learning and achievement
Students of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) outperform students of non-NBCTs on achievement tests and the positive effect is even greater minority students. Students of NBCTs make learning gains equivalent to an extra month in school. Students of NBCTs exhibit stronger writing abilities, better comprehension and integration of complex classroom material, better understanding of concepts, and more abstract thinking than students of non-NBCTs.

Improves Teaching
National Board Certification is a “transformative experience” for many teachers, and they often apply in the classroom what they learn from the certification process- whether they achieve certification or not. The certification process itself improves teachers’ ability to improve student learning.