NM NBCT Network organizes annual retreats for current, MOC (renewal) and returning (advanced) candidates. Retreat activities include applicable workshops for each of the components and consultations for registrants.  Virtual Retreats are 2 hours long offered in the AM and PM depending on the candidate’s portfolio focus. Candidates select retreats at a cost $20 each. 

Program coordinator and contact: Pat Gardner @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Retreat topics: Go to Calendar of Events page to register and pay.

  • The Basics of National Boards: Let’s Get Started
  • Deep Dive into Component 2
  • Deep Dive into Component 3
  • Deep Dive into Component 4
  • Types of Thinking and Writing for all components
  • Goal Setting for all components
  • Analyzing Student Work for Component 2
  • Analyzing Videos for Component 3
  • Using Data and Assessment to Drive Instruction
  • Level 4 Rubric for all components
  • Component 1: Test preparation (class part 1)
  • Component 1: Test preparation (class part 2)

 Check Calendar of Events for upcoming trainings and registration.