What teachers should know and be able to do


  • The National Board is seeking NBCTs in Counseling or Library Media Specialists, or people who supported counselors and library media specialists in their Board certification journey to help create awareness and resources for educators pursuing these certification areas.
    Please complete this brief formif you are interested in joining the design team. The Director of Candidate Experience, Jaci Fabian, will contact you with further details. The project's start date is March 1, 2024, and will commence on June 1, 2024.
  • To better understand the needs within our community, the National Board will be hosting focus groups focused on user experience for our newest resource, Homeroom. We are looking for the following educators:

    Please complete this brief form to be considered for this opportunity. You will be compensated for your time participating in one individual 45-minute to hour session and one larger group session.  

    • Those not currently in the National Board Certification process but are interested.
    • Those registered for National Board Certification but have yet to purchase a component.
    • Current Board certification candidates
    • NBCTs who are currently pursuing Maintenance of Certification
    • Candidate Support Providers who support candidates. 
  • NBCTs are experts in their field. Ready to showcase your expertise? We invite you to contribute to our blog or podcast series. Your unique perspective can inspire others on the path to National Board Certification. Let's amplify your impact!