Frequently Asked Questions 

What is National Board Certification?

National Board Certification was designed to develop, retain, and recognize accomplished teachers and to generate ongoing improvement in schools nationwide. It is the most respected professional certification available in K-12 education in the US.


What are the eligibility requirements for completing the National Board process?

To be eligible for the National Board Certification process, a candidate must:

  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree (unless pursuing certification in Career and Technical education)
  • Possess a valid state teaching or school counseling license
  • Provide official American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) certified ratings of advanced low or higher from ACTFL speaking and writing assessments if registering as a World Languages candidate


Why should I pursue National Board Certification?

  • Students learn more. More than a decade of research shows that students of Board-certified teachers learn more than peers without Board-certified teachers.
  • Teachers improve their practice. Board Certification allows teachers to hone their practice, showcase their talent in the classroom and demonstrate their dedication to their students and their profession.
  • Schools demonstrate a commitment to excellence. Schools with more National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) are characterized by better teacher morale, improved educator retention and increased community involvement.
  • New Mexico honors NBCTs by awarding certification process scholarships and a state salary differential.


Is there a way I can finish National Board Certification in one year?

Yes! You must submit each of the 4 components within 3 years of beginning the process and then can take up to an additional 2 years to resubmit components as needed.


How do I register to become a National Board Candidate?

Teachers can register/create a new account at this link

Or go to, click on “Certification”, then the red “Log in/Sign up” button.


How do I know which certificate area to choose?

Review the 25 available certificate areas by using the pulldown menus on this link.

Or go to, click on “Certification”, then “Candidate Center”, then the “Learn More” button under “First Time and Returning Candidate Resources”.


What are the fees associated with the National Board Certification process?

Annual registration fee: $75 non-refundable

Component fee: $475 x 4 components, paid over the course of your certification process.


Is there funding assistance in New Mexico for the National Board process?

New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) offers a full reimbursement scholarship for your first submission of each component. Reimbursement happens upon submission. The New Mexico National Board Certified Teacher Network does not control these scholarships. See the NMPED Scholarship FAQs here for their guidelines. (Accessible at


What support options are available for candidates pursuing National Board Certification?

The New Mexico National Board Certified Teacher Network provides a variety of support options for candidates in and outside of New Mexico. View what’s available at their website,  

You may be responsible for the cost of support, or your fees may be covered by organizations in your region/district. Some organizations who help regionally with National Board support are the LANL Foundation (Santa Fe, Taos, Río Arriba, San Miguel, Sandoval, Los Alamos and Mora counties) and the Permian Strategic Partnership (Douglas, Lea and Eddy counties). Contact info here?


What is the registration timeline?


More questions? Please contact:

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